Saturday, December 19, 2009

19th of Advent

The food is sorted (apart from the veg box which arrives on Wednesday) and squeezed into the fridge and freezer- although with the temperature in our kitchen we could just keep it on the floor! The presents are bought/made and (mostly) wrapped. The cards are posted. The house is decorated. All this meant that today, instead of braving the shops at Christmas we could escape up to Coniston for one of our favourite walks to Torver jetty. It's the first time we've been walking properly since the floods and know that lots of lovely walks have been damaged or swept away altogether, but thankfully this one is unaffected. It was mighty cold so we ate lunch huddled in the car, but the weather meant we got to park in the free spaces and had the place almost to ourselves, save a few brave dog walkers and swans. Then to top it all off- snow! We've missed out on this particular brand of winter magic so far, being the wrong side of the country, but now we feel Christmas really is on its way!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent update

We've been doing some early Christmas visiting so preparations in own household have got a bit behind, but today the Festive Season really arrived in our home. With handmade contributions from various members of the family and a pot-grown tree which we hope to keep alive for at least a couple of years, we're keeping the cold out and the good cheer in. It seems that despite our moving so far North everyone else in the country has snow apart from us- but fingers crossed!