Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shop restocked!

Having been very neglectful of teacosies for months and months, I've suddenly got all re-invigorated for a number of reasons. Anyway, the result is that as I mentioned in the previous post, I uploaded my Union Jack teacosy pattern on Ravelry and have been very excited to see it added to more than 75 favourites lists and 20 or more queues! Meanwhile, I've completed what I'm calling my 'High Tea' collection of teacosies, each with a vintage teapot, to restock my Folksy shop. 'Battenburg' has been joined by 'Cucumber Sandwiches' and 'Lemon Drizzle'. I love the soft retro colours and can't decide which is my favourite!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Apple Day 2 and a bit of High Tea

A little more apple cookery today- only one product, but after finely chopping 1.5kg of apples can you blame me?! The product in question is Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin Compote from The Women's Institute Book of Preserves and although it doesn't look terribly tempting, it tastes yummy. Yesterday's Blackberry and Apple jam set fine, by the way.
Little bit more work done on the 'High Tea' collection of teacosies for my Folksy shop- finished one and begun another, but I'm going to keep them more or less under wraps for now. I also took a deep breath today and braved putting one of my teacosy designs up as a free download on Ravelry. The Union Jack cosy was one of the first ones I did for the Folksy shop and was the first one I sold- it led to a couple more on commission and I got very sick of intarsia as a result! It's scary to think that other people will be trying to follow the instructions I wrote, even though its a pretty simple pattern. Last time I looked it had been added as a favourite by quite a few people, with a few also downloading it or adding it to their queue- eep! If you're interested, you can find it here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Apple Day 1

We asked if we might have a few apples the next time grandparents were visiting from the farm...we got a sackload! Apple processing has therefore been on my to-do list for at least a week and today I got around to some, at least. Blackberry and Apple jam gave me my perennial problem of not seeming to achieve a set (I wonder whether I ought to just shell out on a jam thermometer and do it that way, rather than the cold plate test) but looks yummy and I think it will be an okay consistency in the end. I also par-cooked some apples for future pies/crumbles etc to put in our new spare freezer- this was a bonus find, left behind in the utility room by the previous owner of our house. Why 'Apple Day 1'? Because we still have a half a sackload left, so apple processing remains on the to-do list for another occasion!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trousers for my little cloth-bum

Various logistical issues since M arrived have meant that both babes have been in disposable nappies for a time, bad news financially and enviromentally. Now, with issues sorted, we're celebrating the return of cloth-bums to our house- as much as dealing with nappy buckets can ever be a cause for celebration! Couldn't resist sharing these pics of my smaller cloth bum in the result of yesterday evening's work, then.
I mentioned a desire for Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings in a post a while back and wouldn't you know it, a certain pal who always gives lovely gifts got it for me. I loved the idea of her 'Quick Change Trousers', the concept being that when your little one manages to get some form of filth on one side, you can reverse them and keep them presentable until wash time. The double layer of fabric also gives a bit of extra warmth, which will be good as the seasons change and I think also gives a much better finish to the garment. Having clambered around in the room full of boxes and located some saved scrap fabric and my sewing machine I was really, really good and set up the ironing board as well as the machine (and those who know me will know how allergic I am to ironing!). Then I followed the instructions to the letter. When Anna Maria said press open the seam allowances, I pressed. When she said leave this size seam allowance, that was how much I left. When she said clip the curves, I clipped. This is probably another reason I'm pleased with the finish, as when it comes to sewing my skills are a long way behind my knitting and finishing is really not my thing. Patience rewarded in this case though, I'm pleased with the results.