Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trousers for my little cloth-bum

Various logistical issues since M arrived have meant that both babes have been in disposable nappies for a time, bad news financially and enviromentally. Now, with issues sorted, we're celebrating the return of cloth-bums to our house- as much as dealing with nappy buckets can ever be a cause for celebration! Couldn't resist sharing these pics of my smaller cloth bum in the result of yesterday evening's work, then.
I mentioned a desire for Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings in a post a while back and wouldn't you know it, a certain pal who always gives lovely gifts got it for me. I loved the idea of her 'Quick Change Trousers', the concept being that when your little one manages to get some form of filth on one side, you can reverse them and keep them presentable until wash time. The double layer of fabric also gives a bit of extra warmth, which will be good as the seasons change and I think also gives a much better finish to the garment. Having clambered around in the room full of boxes and located some saved scrap fabric and my sewing machine I was really, really good and set up the ironing board as well as the machine (and those who know me will know how allergic I am to ironing!). Then I followed the instructions to the letter. When Anna Maria said press open the seam allowances, I pressed. When she said leave this size seam allowance, that was how much I left. When she said clip the curves, I clipped. This is probably another reason I'm pleased with the finish, as when it comes to sewing my skills are a long way behind my knitting and finishing is really not my thing. Patience rewarded in this case though, I'm pleased with the results.


  1. I love these pants! Your choice of fabric is brilliant.

  2. do you dry pail? It's much less hideous.

    I LOVE the fabric, such beautiful little late summer pants :)

  3. Yes I dry pail never did the soaking thing for some reason- just use a bit of tea tree oil against the smell. Don't mind the baby ones so much, but P is nearly ready for potty training so changing him is not much fun!

  4. Meant to say- fabric is all thrifted.Checks and smallest flower print from an old blouse and skirt of mine, mad seventies flowers from a charity shop housecoat thing and big roses from a tablecloth!