Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wish list

In preparation for our impending move, we have adopted a "10% out" policy to try and avoid shifting a lot of stuff we don't need to our new home. The idea is that rather than taking on whole rooms with a vague 'we need to get rid of stuff' idea, we look at categories of stuff, e.g. fiction books, clothes, cooking equipment etc. and try to find 10% of each category that we can sell, give away, donate to charity, recycle or otherwise shed from our lives. It's amazing how easily this can be done once you get going, and often we've found ourselves ditching a lot more than 10%.
Obviously, while we're going through this, the idea isn't really to acquire more stuff, however desirable. That said, just wanted to share a couple of bookshelf treasures I very much covet at the moment.
I love Anna Maria Horner's fabrics, although I've yet to find a project to justify getting some (maybe if baby #2 is a girl?). Her new book Handmade Beginnings looks heavenly though, and could be just the thing to tempt me into more sewing adventures to build on my limited experience. Read a really interesting interview with Anna Maria on the Sew Liberated blog.
I saw the author of The Italian Cookery Course on a TV cooking programme recently and my ears pricked up. It seems that this hefty tome is meant to be a step-by-step guide to authentic Italian cooking. I love Italian food, for its flavours and the way recipes tend to use a relatively small number of high quality ingredients. However, beyond tomato sauce, pizza and pesto I don't really have a repetoire of dishes I can make. I bought book of Italian recipes with vouchers earlier this year, but it was a bit of a let down to be honest. This one looks far more promising, and having recently watched Julie and Julia on DVD I'm rather taken with the idea of working my way through the fundamentals of Italian cuisine. And yes, I know this sounds a bit crazy coming from a very pregnant mother of a toddler, but what could be more authentic than filling my kitchen with the scent of basil, tomatoes, garlic etc. with two bambinos running around my feet?!?


  1. I sympathise as I am currently moving out of my office to be a stay at home full time mum! I cannot believe how many bits and pieces i have accumulated over the last 10 years - i may take up you 10% idea. I equally totally love Anna Maria Horner although i havent found anywhere in the UK to buy her fabric yet - can you advise? CM

  2. I know a lot of people say that they source US fabrics and yarns through and take the hit on postage. I have also looked at this site before as they stock Anna Maria Horner fabric, but as I've not actually ordered from them I can't vouch for how reliable they are.