Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tragic events

Does the fact that yesterday's terrible events in Cumbria took place in such a beautiful, normally peaceful corner of our world make them more tragic? Maybe not- this sort of nightmare is horrendous for any family or community, wherever it takes place, and my thoughts and good wishes are obviously with all those affected. The fact that it did happen in an area loved by so many for its natural splendour just makes it more shocking by contrast somehow. For our family, the fact that it came to its sad conclusion just twenty or so miles up the road for us made it even more chilling. Since moving up here, we have been welcomed by a little town very similar to those affected by the shootings yesterday. We've taken every opportunity we can to enjoy the fells and lakes which yesterday were swarming with unprecedented numbers of police and buzzed by helicopters. As it happens, those little towns along the coast road were on our list of new places to explore this summer. Knowing how many people in this county rely on welcoming visitors for their livelihood, and how much last year's floods have already affected this, I intend for us to keep to this plan. I would urge anyone else who was intending to visit, or even thinking about it, to do the same.

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  1. My heart goes out to you...even though it was 20 miles away, that is too close for comfort when you have children. The news reports here in Canada, keep reiterating the fact that it was an isolated event, that Britain has some of the toughest gun laws in the world, and that the police officers don't even carry guns...which speaks to the safety of your country. I think the media is sending out a reassuring message to people who may go to your area. I hope the people in those areas affected though, can begin to heal from such a random and totally tragic event!
    Sending love and light across the waves