Thursday, February 18, 2010

Warming reds

Red has always been a favourite colour of mine, and at the moment its warmth is particularly welcome:

Fresh tomatoes roasted in the oil of a few sundried tomatoes, with some herbs and a little of this for added warmth:

Later this was blitzed with some cream cheese to have over pasta. Simple but good. Simple is not the word that applies to my Snapdragon flip-top mittens- aargh! I've had to redo countless rows to get the cuff pattern correct, but they are looking lovely so far and the Artesano Alpaca is sooo soft.

And of course it's all fuelled with redbush tea! This is my current favourite mug, as it holds just a little bit more than the others...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A whisper of an idea of a promise...

Not even the most ardently optimistic could possibly see signs of Spring just yet, but nevertheless, it did feel like on our walk today there was a little whisper of an idea of a promise that the dark and cold will recede. For a start, even though you'd be hard pressed to see any buds emerging, there was so much colour when we stopped to notice: rocks and tree trunks wrapped in acid green blankets of moss, the dark, bare bones of trees garlanded with opportunistic evergreens like ivy, baby beech trees (I think) with rust red leaves still dangling from their branches, asking to be shaken until they dance by small fists. As we drove through the gently sloped valley to and from Grizedale, through Oxen Park and Satterthwaite, yes we were spattered with rain but the light seemed...softer somehow and there were even a few of those eternal Spring optimists, the first lambs, let out in the fields here and there.
Yes, definitely reminders that the days are getting longer and that warmth will return, but for now warmth needs to come from a less celestial source and I can happily report that my feet are a whole lot warmer, as I finally finished the other sock...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A million woven in ends later...

Okay, I know it's not the best picture, but when I began this Fairisle tank my burgeoning bump was, well, not burgeoning at all. And now that I've finally finished it's going to take a bit of careful selection from my (limited) wardrobe to stop any pictures of me wearing it looking like the side of a lumpy, woolly house!
But I am very proud of this, my first big Fairisle project. I found juggling the different colours tricky, but not as bad as I thought. I managed the tension pretty well I think. I loved seeing the pattern emerge. I hated having a million ends to weave in at the end- when will I ever learn a proper technique for working them in as I go? I've taken quite a few breaks for some straight up and down, look at something else while you do it projects while this has been on the needles, but even so I don't think I'll be doing anything as complex or large scale for a while. I feel the need for quicker and/or less brain-taxing projects for a while.