Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Sky

Sandscale Haws. Wind. Sun. Sand. Rippling Waves. Shells. Dunes. Grasses. Big Sky.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is in the air

Spring really was in the air today- we could somehow smell it as soon as we stepped out of the door into sunshine and slightly warmer air than we've been used to for so long. We headed to Coniston, to try out the Yewdale Bridleway route, which was as lovely as the description promised, taking us through oak woodland below Yewdale and above Coniston Water. It was a bit tough for us mummies, given the steep start and a path that suffered in last November's floods, leaving some rocky terrain.

The buggy passengers didn't seem phased by bumping along but were soon keen to stretch their legs and explore- knee deep dry leaves, becks that disappeared under the path, drystone walls and more signs of Spring; catkins and these daffodils, not quite ready to burst into a Wordsworthian host but surely not far off if the sunshine stays.

It must be admitted that energy levels today didn't quite carry us to the official 'turning point' of the route- you have to know when to stop sometimes, especially when you're 23 weeks into a pregnancy! As we headed back to Coniston to treat ourselves to lunch in a cafe and check out ferry times for future adventures, this tree by the path provided yet another source of fascination. Small enough for little arms to wrap around and intriguingly covered in moss, it begged to be prodded, stroked and even hugged. Around the same time two horseback riders came thundering along- thankfully slowing down to a gentle trot to pass us. Well, it is a bridleway after all.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


It's a lucky boy whose Granny and Grandpa live on a farm, so that he gets to sit in the cab of a big tractor just like in his books and meet the new mums and babies. Looks like Granny is doing a great job in her SCBU...