Thursday, April 22, 2010


Okay, one chick than can be counted now! I was so happy to hear of the birth of my friend Liz's son today. All is well, and he's been given the same name as our boy, so obviously we approve of the choice! This means that I can assign two knitted projects to a safe arrival. The baby hat was from a pattern I improvised, having made similar over the years. The ball was made using this Ravelry pattern which was a lot easier than I expected, just lots of short rows over a couple of evenings. Both are made from Debbie Bliss Ecobaby which is a lovely soft cotton that's a pleasure to knit with. I'm going to get them in the post tomorrow.
As fast as I finish one project, however, I add another to the list. I'm after knitting a new cardigan for myself, but can't decide between this and this but as P has decided to develop an obsession with trains and only really wants to wear a pyjama top that has a train on it, I might have to think of an applique/embroidery idea to transform some of his plain t-shirts.