Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ever since they started stocking it, I've been tempted by Clothkit's Liberty print bias binding It's Liberty Print! It's on a wooden bobbin (although I've realised it's cheaper to buy by the metre, but hey-ho)! What's not to like? Ok, maybe the answer to that question is the price, so it took a 25% off deal to get me to go for it. By happy coincidence they also had some Rowan Revive on offer too. I've been looking for a chance to try some of this out for a while as I'd really like to source as much yarn as possible from sustainable sources in future and/or support British sheep farmers. This yarn ticks the eco-box and I've an idea for a wintry number for little M, once I finally crack on and finish the sleeve of P's pirate sweater. On that subject, all I can say is that once again I've got a stocking stitch in brown versus entrelac in multicoloured glory situation once again (remember this one?)- I'll get there in the end!!