Monday, September 13, 2010

A pause for entrelac

On various training courses over the years I've done those tests that are meant to show you what your personality and work style was. Whatever the label, I never came out as a person who was good for finishing off things- I'm always an ideas and enthusiasm and 'let's get things going' type. In a way, knitting and sewing is good for combatting the negative side of this, in that over the years I've developed the self discipline to make myself finish projects properly, carefully and if necessary s-l-o-w-l-y, rather than waste the money spent on materials and the time spent on producing whatever I've made. The results have always been much more satisfying as a consequence.
Having said that, knitting is a hobby after all, not my job. I've completed a good three quarters of my Rosamund cardigan, but having finished the yoke and the waist shaping I'm now just on the final run over the hips. In other words, a bit of cable, a lot of plain or purl, then an bit of cable. Row after row after row. In a sophisticated but slightly dull beige colour yarn. Then the other day I noticed I had buggered up a cable several inches below. I tried a rescue attempt, but in the end had to frog back those inches to sort it out, which put the tin lid on my enthusiasm for it really. It also wasn't helped by a trip to the Sheep Shop in St Annes on Sea, where I'd bought two balls of King Cole Riot to make an entrelac scarf I'd found after too much time on Ravelry. Those gorgeous, jewel-like colours were winking up at me from amongst the beige in my work basket. So I gave in- it is a hobby after all- and I'm having a break from the beige, giving my knitting brain a workout learning entrelac and hopefully regain the enthusiasm to go back and complete the cardigan.


  1. I just bought some of that online last week and have started a shawl:) Love what done what colour is it?

  2. Ooh, not sure...just what they had in the shop. I'll look it up :-)