Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Home Making

Two things our new home has meant to us so far:
1.The quilt has found its home at last. After an interim period using the it in the cot with the side down so P could escape- although amazingly he didn't- we've now acquired the 'big boy bed'. Cue much excitement and a few evenings of trekking up and down stairs to persuade him that he needed to stay in the bed rather than climbing on a chair to look out of the window. All in all it's gone well, however, and every time I see him snuggled up asleep under the results of all that hard work it makes my heart soar.
2.Evenings are a bit less relaxed for the grown-ups. The reality of decorating a house with two small children is that sometimes the only time available is after bed time- assuming that M decides that she'll coordinate her sleep time with her brother's. If that means 10.30pm sees us steaming off old wallpaper (to reveal, in this case, cork tiles!) and slapping undercoat on woodwork then so be it. Even with scruffy plaster and streakily undercoated wood, it somehow looks better than the previous decor, perhaps because it's the first marks we are making on our new home. Can't wait until we get a room finished!


  1. The quilt looks beautiful! Also, my boys have those beds :) They're a pain in the bum to tuck a duvet into!

  2. I love that green quilt! and YIKES corkboard!...