Sunday, May 23, 2010


According to the weather forecast, it's not going to last much beyond the weekend, but the last couple of days we've seen, and felt, some proper sunshine. Yesterday we headed down to visit Great-grandparents by the seaside, the long and rather hot car journey giving the boy a chance to develop his own unique brand of summer style.
Today we stayed closer to home, with 'him indoors' chipping away at the heap of packing we need to do over the next few weeks. As the cloudless skies carried on into the afternoon we all decamped to a sun soaked garden and Penelope the chicken got a thorough house clean. Above is the view from my deckchair- yes, the small hillock my hand is resting on is in fact the ever expanding bump, which goes some way to explain why I was in the deckchair doing crochet, instead of helping out!


  1. what a brilliant blog. will check out your Folksy shop. CM x

  2. Thanks! My Folksy shop is a bit empty at the moment I'm afraid- various issues have taken over from teacosy knitting at the moment!