Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eating yarn

It has to be said that 3rd trimester fatigue, completing the final essay of a qualification I've been working towards forever it seems, house move preparation and so on and so on, I haven't been doing so much crafting recently. Writing this I realise how much I'm missing it, so maybe I need to get a proper project on the go soon. However, I am creating at the moment, and somewhat against the clock as it's a gift for someone. I made my first 'granny' blanket a few years ago and even though this is my fourth, I'm always amazed all over again at just how much yarn crochet blankets eat! Having exhausted all the suitable colours in my stash, I bought in some King Cole DK, mainly because I liked the colour choice. It's super cheap, especially for pure wool, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality and feel of it. I might even try it for one of the cardigans I want to make, as being superwash it would have a fighting chance of surviving my haphazard washing habits, unlike some past projects!

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