Monday, August 23, 2010

Apple Day 1

We asked if we might have a few apples the next time grandparents were visiting from the farm...we got a sackload! Apple processing has therefore been on my to-do list for at least a week and today I got around to some, at least. Blackberry and Apple jam gave me my perennial problem of not seeming to achieve a set (I wonder whether I ought to just shell out on a jam thermometer and do it that way, rather than the cold plate test) but looks yummy and I think it will be an okay consistency in the end. I also par-cooked some apples for future pies/crumbles etc to put in our new spare freezer- this was a bonus find, left behind in the utility room by the previous owner of our house. Why 'Apple Day 1'? Because we still have a half a sackload left, so apple processing remains on the to-do list for another occasion!

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