Friday, January 1, 2010

The best laid plans of dogs...

...and men, and women! It seemed like a good idea a week ago to meet up with four friends, three dogs and possibly even a further two friends and a baby for a New Year's Day walk. We decided on Grizedale Forest Park and found our way there today with few problems save the ice-rink of a carpark. Our friends and the dogs fared less well unfortunately as an imaginative satnav sent them down a backroad that, with one cresting of a hill, turned into a toboggan run complete with car shaped toboggan. One call to the emergency services later and some advice from a policeman about how to get out of the situation safely and they decided to head for safer ground. The friends with baby were still frazzled from a less than restful night so decided on other plans. Which just left us to enjoy a slippery but very pretty walk. The end of the day saw us reunited with friends and dogs and enjoying a hearty pub meal, which can never be a bad way to end the day, even if it was just round the corner from us, rather than in the Lake District as planned.

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