Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wot no pictures?

I just have to say this...I finished P's quilt! All that hand-stitching is done, all the ends tidied away and trimmed, tacking removed. Made with lots of love and rather less skill and experience, it's by no means perfect, but there's an argument for hand-made not being perfect, isn't there? Plus, it's my first attempt at quilting, so it will only get better. At the moment I haven't got pictures to post. The camera on my phone, which I use for pretty much all the pictures I put on here, is pretty good considering. However, having spent so long on this project and with it being a bit big and therefore tricky to photgraph I'm going to use the proper SLR for this one. It's just a question of finding time when P is asleep or otherwise occupied and there is enough daylight to do it justice. Probably tomorrow. He's asleep now and sun is streaming in, but not wanting to waste a beautiful afternoon, we're getting ready for a walk...

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