Monday, June 7, 2010

Felt chicken

It worked! A quick whizz in the washing machine with some eco-balls and Loretta the chicken was ready for stuffing. By coincidence P had decided the night before that he was going to remove his pillow from its case and rip it open, so I had a lot of fluffy stuffing with nowhere to go...until an opportunity for instant recycling presented itself! He was very excited to discover her in the morning and proceeded to cart her around, pat her (she's a lot more tolerant of this than our real bird, Penelope), kiss her, hurl her across the room like a football, pretend she was a guitar and at one point, stand on her (his poultry farming skills need a little refinement) throughout the day. He even decided that he'd rather go to the Post Office in his buggy than on foot, so that Loretta could accompany us. In other words, knitting her kept me amused for the weekend, but it looks like she will keep him amused for a good deal longer. What more could you ask from a felt chicken?!?

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