Friday, August 13, 2010

Manu for me

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, Manu is finished! To explain, just as I was halfway through the first pocket, I ran out of yarn for this project. I was loathe to spend money we don't have on another full ball and postage, so I put out an appeal on good old Ravelry for anyone who might have some spare. Almost immediately I got a message from Jen (this is her website) who offered to help me out and didn't even want postage! Not only that, she sent me a whole extra ball- what a star. I completed the cardigan with a selection of vintage buttons, as much as I love the sophistication of the charcoal grey, I felt it needed a little bit of colour to stop it being too dour. If I decide I'd rather have matching ones, I can always change them later I suppose. It's really snuggly and I love the way it hangs, although photographs of my postnatal, nursing body don't exactly fill me with joy. Still, by the time the weather is right for it I'm hoping a combination of chocolate abstinence, walking and an exercise DVD I'm trying to fit in at naptimes will create a more flattering picture.


  1. I love the buttons, great choice - fab cardy too...

  2. It's very pretty! Well done! What a nice person to send you the yarn too...

  3. Great cardi and those buttons are a fantastic finishing touch! :)