Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yarn and yarn

I mentioned recently that I was saving money while feeding my knitting habit by recycling the yarn from projects that didn't go right. Here you can see my winter wooly- 'Emma' from Big Just Got Bigger by Rowan. It's not the most figure-flattering of numbers, but it's soft and cosy and seems to suit the yarn better than it's previous incarnation, whose cabling and enormous foldover collar made it hang very badly in my opinion. Best of all, it's sort of a new jumper for free!
The next victim of my 'frog and remake' campaign is destined to be this 'Iceland' sweater in Rowan Cocoon yarn. I loved this when I saw it in Rowan Magazine #42. I loved the yarn when I looked at it at a knitting show and when C got it for me for Christmas a few years ago. I loved the way the finished article looked...until I tried it on. It hits me in all the wrong places and is completely unflattering. As a result it has sat in the drawer, loved but unworn, for far too long. I've decided to accept that it's not for me and reclaim the yarn for something I will actually wear.
There is a stay of execution for 'Iceland' just now, however, as this morning's post brought a new haul of yarn and a new issue of Yarn Forward. This, combined with a long awaited return to my local knitting group last night (with M in tow) means I am in knitting heaven just now. The yarn is the admittedly acrylic but nonetheless delightfully soft and knittable Sirdar Snuggly DK. It's destined for a number of teacosies I have in mind to restock my rather neglected Folksy shop. There's a theme for the designs I have in mind and the first- 'Battenburg' is already underway.


  1. I had always thought your 'iceland' jumper was the stripy tunic we saw at the show! I love this jumper and can't believe you can bring yourself to frog it - however, knowing how expensive wool is, you should totally have a jumper you can wear!!

    Looking forward to the tea cosy creations ... Battenburg, one of my favs.

    I am loving the little glimpses of the new home in the background!! x

  2. Aaah, no the striped tunic was 'Earth Stripe' and would cost an absolute fortune in Kidsilk Haze to make. It's my dream project and that would never get frogged! My plan is to buy a ball of Kidsilk whenever I can and maybe build up all the colours I need over a few years so I can finally make the tunic!
    You know the best way to see the house is to come and visit!!!