Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bread and bubblewrap

Nobody said motherhood was easy, and with P being very 'two' at the moment I'm living proof. With my nemesis day, Wednesday, looming, I was determined that we'd survive without too many tantrums. So a domestic morning of singing and playing instruments, drawing on big sheets of lining paper, cleaning the kitchen and hanging out washing was in order.
I also made bread. Didn't have time to knead it myself, so it was a breadmaker job for the proving process, finished off in the oven. Even without the soothing rhythm of kneading, just the smell and sight of new bread in the house is enough to give me a sense of wellbeing. Meanwhile, just before naptime, the delivery of a present for M (three apple trees and a pear tree- what a lovely idea!) provided P with his own therapy in the form of bubblewrap. He happily jumped, squished, stomped and popped as we wrapped up a morning that was more or less tantrum free. Hooray!

1 comment:

  1. How big bread :)
    Do you have only a boy? because yesterday I posted 3 costumes to a paper doll that I did.
    My girl is turning 3 next friday.
    I'v just posted my This moment :)

    Regards from a peruvian.