Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Boy

P had a twenty minute tantrum today. I think it was something about the colour of top he was wearing. He's two years old, so looking for logic just isn't worth the time. As I waited for the screams to fade down, I got on with making lunch and looked down into the sweet smiling face of my little girl, finding it so hard to believe that in a couple of years she'll probably having moments like that.
However, for all that it's tough at times living in the crazy world of the toddler, of course I wouldn't change him, wouldn't even freeze or reverse time so that he stayed the placid little baby he was. I know that the tantrums are all part of the process of him growing up, growing more and more into his personality every day.
So today's blog is an indulgence, for which I make no excuses! It's a tribute to what he's becoming and a bit of a chance to remind myself that he does a lot more than scream and kick, this boy of mine:

With any luck, another thing he'll do is wear the pirate jumper I'm making for him...although who knows if it's the right colour!

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  1. Love the pictures of P and the jumper is right on the money, I saw a similar one in town today!