Tuesday, December 14, 2010

14th of Advent

We fed some reindeer today! If they were Santa's then by the time Christmas Eve comes around they're in danger of being too fat to fly, given how popular feeding them at the local animal park is. Taking advantage of the free entry on offer through the winter, we enjoyed what is apparently a temporary thaw wandering round and looking in awe at giraffes, tigers and the afore-mentioned reindeer. P is gradually building up a picture of what this season is about, with the tree he can't resist fiddling with at least twenty times a day (first bauble casualty of the year this morning!), 'Father Mistmass' as that jolly fellow is currently known- we haven't the heart to correct him- the advent calendars, cards and of course the Nativity scene we added to the Season display this morning.

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