Thursday, December 2, 2010

2nd of Advent

The tree is up! We both agreed that this was the earliest we've ever put a tree up in our lives, but they aren't cheap (we tried keeping one in a pot last year but it didn't survive) so we want to get the most out of our investment. Also, we have plans for an early Christmas party on St Nicholas' day next week, so wanted to make the house festive in time for that. We definitely don't have matchy-matchy themed ornaments and decorations, having gradually bought one or two special things each year since we've been together. Some of the tree decorations are ones I handmade some years ago. Now we have children too, their decorations will no doubt be added to our traditions. It's already happened with our somewhat less than traditional tree-topper:

A 'reindeer' made by P when he was at Nursery last year. Apparently he stuck the eyes on himself!
There is also this knitted stocking given to P by his Great Grandma last year. As I write, Father Christmas is still in his chimney. How long he'll remain there is yet to be seen!

These trees are something I made years ago based on an idea whose source I forget now:

While these mini stockings I knitted from this free pattern last year.

And so our Christmas traditions are growing, organically and to my eyes rather beautifully.


  1. Just beautiful. I love the tree topper:)
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  2. Beautiful :) Most excellent reindeer

    We put our tree up today, which is very unusual. I usually wait until a week before christmas! I think the snow is making me feel prematurely festive x