Monday, January 24, 2011


I've read US bloggers who've written about 'Gratitudes'. I know some people might feel like throwing up when they hear that expression but actually I think there's merit in the idea of taking time to think about what you're grateful for. It's something I feel the need to do at the moment to counterbalance the (admittedly minor) stresses, worries and niggles I have at the moment. So here goes...

I'm grateful for:
*Our lovely house, which admittedly has its foibles and crumbly bits (and let's face it, how many 75 year olds do you know who don't?), but is nonetheless becoming more and more our very own home.
*A knitting bag full of Blue Faced Leicester yarn to knit with, which really, really is going to be a Pirate Sweater for P soon.
*The chubby little legs that try to kick at said knitting from my lap, because M is still little enough to occasionally stop wriggling for long enough to sit with me in peace...
*...and of course P and C, who are sharing more and more father-son moments, some of which I don't quite 'get'- flinging ice from a frozen tub of water round the garden, anyone? Being out there in the cold washing bikes in the first place?
*Wonderful news in our wider family and an imminent visit from my folks to boot.
*The thought of the holiday in Dorset we've booked for the summer. In a barn, close to the sea. Sunshine please?
*The times when both babies sleep at the same time.
Aaaaaaah! That's better!

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