Monday, February 21, 2011

Work in Progress

We've got a lot of work in progress around our house at the moment. Really, I suppose the whole house is a work in progress, given that when we moved here there really wasn't much we didn't want to update or redecorate. Since this updating goes on as money becomes available, its going to be a slow process, but recently we've had the means to get two of the three bedrooms carpeted. Since carpet day is next Friday, this has put a bit of a rocket under us to get decorating done before we have new carpets to protect from paint. Cue rather a lot of late night work on everything from ceiling to skirting boards...
When I'm not covered in a layer of dust and paint I've also been working on some other bits and bobs. I bought a peg loom at Woolfest a few years back and have never really got around to using it. With what will be the children's room needing a rug, I thought it was about time I pressed it into service, so I dug out some worn out jeans and some uncombed fleece I acquired and washed a few summers ago and I'm having a go.
Meanwhile, yet more leftovers in the form of several oddballs of sock yarn are being turned into a simple top-down rib sweater for M. It's totally improvised and very much dictated by which colours I have most of, but I rather like it so far. Of course, chances are as ever with me that I'll run out of yarn before it's finished!

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