Monday, February 7, 2011

Yarn endings

How can someone with so many packing boxes marked 'craft stuff' (no, they still aren't unpacked yet, but the day is getting closer), of which at least 50% is yarn stash, keep running out? Having more or less conquered the body of the long running saga that is the Pirate Sweater, I've now run out of Rowan British Breeds BFL before I've finished the sleeves or the pocket edgings or the hood (this last may be an optional extra, haven't decided yet).
While I was deciding where to get more I thought I'd start on another idea for a child's sweater design I'd had. Hmmm, seem to remember posting a couple of weeks back that this year I was going to concentrate on making things for the home rather than clothes- oops! Anyway, this sweater is going to be for M and is already christened 'Little Queen Bess' for it's Elizabeth I influences- a frilled, ruff-like collar, smocked upper body and puffed sleeves. As I was just trying out the idea before finding some nice, preferably British produced, DK yarn to make the proper version, I picked up a ball of what I'm fairly sure is acrylic yarn from my stash. I thought there would be enough, but surprise, suprise, I got to the arms and found myself knitting slower and slower as the ball dwindled to nothing. I burrowed through the packing boxes and found all sorts of cream coloured yarn, which was all either too yellowy or too white. Eventually I realised that the yarn was leftover from some teacosies I'd made, including one that hadn't sold in the Folksy shop and so had found it's way into our kitchen....Yes, that's right, I'm unravelling the teacosy to complete the sweater, having to avoid the tea-stained sections where necessary. Such is the lot of the cash-strapped knitter!

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