Thursday, March 3, 2011

Every Last Scrap

Waste not want not in these frugal times! I wanted to use up some bits and pieces of sock yarn in a sweater for M (P's sweater is still not finished, but since he doesn't like any knitwear at the moment I'm not in any great hurry to be honest, plus I haven't ordered the extra yarn I need). When I say bits and pieces, I mean that in the sense that there really wasn't much of it. I made it a simple top-down number in my current favourite for baby knits, k3 p2 rib, and having made it just about long enough in the body, I was down to the scraps for sleeves. Hence these teeny weeny balls- two of each colour, so that I wouldn't knit one sleeve longer than I could match with the other. In the event the sleeves ended up elbow, at a push bracelet length and the body...well let's just say it's more suited to a warm but not too bulky layer underneath dungarees. Still, I like the effect, it's cosy and comfortable for it's wearer and it didn't cost a thing but time.

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