Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welcome back, sunshine!

Coming in from the garden today, I went to shut the door and discovered a red admiral butterfly had found its way into the kitchen and needed ushering out. Yes, we may have a few cold and wet days to come in fickle April, but today it was definitely promising the Spring and Summer warmth that had tempted this creature to spread its wings.
Trying to console myself for the fact that I'm going to be limited to the domestic sphere as far as work goes for the time being (although I have got some paid writing work to do from home), I gave in to the housewife within and set to with running errands, tidying up and, since it was the perfect blustery, sunshiney weather for drying, two loads of washing. There had to be some consolation to be had in being outdoors with the sun on my back, hanging washing, with one baby kicking her toes in the fresh air and yes, removing her hat as quickly as I put it back on again, the other (big now!) baby scampering around on his bike, while our venerable hen hurried from one to the other of us, on the offchance of a snack. Yes, it beats being in an office.

Back indoors, I've decided today is the day to tackle the sun room. All winter it's been a chilly, unlit at night place to scurry in and out of to fetch toys and books. As a result it's become more than a little- ahem- disorganised. With the sun out, however, it turns into a gloriously light, comfortingly warm little nook where I want to spend time with the children. So, supervised by Penelope the hen, it's getting a Spring clean.

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