Monday, June 20, 2011

Patchwork and Pie Dishes

The thing about my mum is that she is just the best at listening to what I want and what I need. The week before P's birthday, when I was laid low with a throat infection, no sooner had I sent a message moaning about how I wished she lived closer than she changed her timetable around and came riding to the rescue, 5 hours up the motorway to mind grandchildren while I slept and grumbled and waited for antibiotics to do their job. That was a big lovely thing she did, as was the job she and my Dad did this weekend hosting M's birthday party. It's the little things as well though, like remembering how I said I wanted to get a proper metal pie dish. Then, the next time she was shopping for kitchen stuff, she bought me one. Just because.
I have to say she's also got me into a rather addictive habit- patchwork. Like I need another craft hobby/drain on scant finances. She's made lovely baby quilts for both the children, and I followed up with a 'Big Boy Bed' quilt for P last year. A dress given to M when she was born got me thinking that I should make all her outgrown frocks into her 'Big Girl Bed' quilt so that's in the pipeline, along with too many other projects. However, we're also working on decorating our bedroom at the moment and I've been thinking that the perfect finish to our shabby chic/country house hotel look would be...a patchwork quilt. As a result, Mum, M and I paid a rather lovely visit to The Patchwork Basket this weekend and I indulged in some retail therapy. Couldn't resist trying them out as soon as I got home either!

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  1. I love patchwork though I am hopless at it I just can never seem to get it all to line up neatly!
    My mum is great at it she made me a patchwork quilt for my 25th Birthday from bits of fabric she saved from various outfits I wore as a child (she had hoped to be finish it while I was still a child but it just took an extra 20+ years to finish!) I really tresure it as it has a familar homley feel due to the memories the fabric already holds!