Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A few of my favourite things...

Okay, this is turning into a very trying day, with everything from nearly lost expensive shoes to no-show Fed-Ex guys. When it comes to writing here, I can't show what I'm knitting because it's all presents for birthdays yet to come and various other factors have conspired to keep us away from the Great Outdoors these last few days.
It was all getting a bit 'aargh!' so I decided, inspired by this lovely blog entry by Soule Mama amongst other things to make like Maria and think of a few of my favourite things. So in no particular order:
Babies still love to play in boxes
Having wanted a pincushion for ages, mum has now given me this very old one which belonged to my grandmother. I think it was once a velvet tomato. Now it is very soft and saggy but rather lovely, don't you think?
My Jam store. The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the Apple and Date Chutney will be ready to eat in a week or two.
My recipe file. It's getting scruffy but it's full of treasures that may one day be the Holy Eye cookbook. We wouldn't eat as well without it.
All I need now is a mountain to prance about on and all will be well.


  1. Arggh! Nothing too serious I hope in A&E the grand scale of possibilities). I hope you are having a calmer and fed ex free evening. x

  2. No, nothing serious at all really. And I got my mountain (sort of!) as we made it up to Coniston Water for a walk in the afternoon

  3. Ooh you're probably not too far from me, I love Apple & Date Chutney!!
    BTW found myself here following a comment on soulemama!!