Friday, October 23, 2009

Memory lane

As there has been so much love for Kitty in response to the recent post featuring her (by the way, it should be easier to leave comments on this blog now, just be nice please!) I thought it was only fair to show Kit. I still haven't got around to making his funky pyjamas, hat and man-bag yet (maybe Christmas?!?) but P has bonded well with him since his birthday, forming a very boyish relationship which consists of sometimes cuddles and sometimes swinging him around by his arm then throwing him away.
The picture of me and BF Kate from a loooooong time ago is a bit tiddly because it's lifted from the Clothkits archive page, having been posted there by Kate's mum Sheila. She appears to have a whole archive of Clothkits classics just in her own photo collection. I seem to remember that the tortoise was borrowed. No, I don't know why we borrowed a tortoise either.
Meanwhile, back in the present, I'm very much taken with Clothkits new Liberty print bias binding- actually lets face it, I'm pretty much taken with all their haberdashery. Even the word 'haberdashery' is lovely. But I will resist, as I just don't need it at the moment- rest assured I'll be thinking up a reason I do need it very soon!


  1. "haberdashery" IS a wonderful word! the word i'm hooked on the last few days is "snarky." BTW, the bias binding/tape looks fun.

  2. Hi Audrey, came across your blog through the handmade home photostream. My husband and I have done our share of dreaming of a tea shop too :) But now we are working towards a small family farm.

  3. Hi Ginny, nice to hear from you. Funnily enough, a smallholding is another of our little daydreams- although we're lucky enough to have had my mum-in-law move to a farm recently, so we at least get to visit. I'm trying really hard to make little steps towards the dreams at the moment- go for it!