Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nature and nurture

He goes on long walks soaking in the wonders of the natural world, unpacks our weekly organic veg box and spends rather a lot of time watching his mother be a crafting, homespun hippy type. But his daddy loves his job because he works with BIG MACHINES, spends his spare time tinkering with wheels and gears and the like and is currently glued to the Brazilian Grand Prix. Then there's his great Uncle, who P found out this weekend has a whole load more fun in store, what with the vintage cars and the motorbike. He might even be allowed back, as although he broke the wheel off a retro model car, he managed to avoid whacking the wheel arch paintwork with the spanner. . . The thing is our boy might get a lot of Nature, but it's in his nature to like wheels and stuff so if he's a petrol-head (assuming there's any of that left by the time he grows up) we'll just have to find other ways for him to save the planet.
The trip down to spend some family time yesterday was bathed in some lovely autumn sunshine, but that's all changed today. It's a grim, grey day just perfect for the roast beef dinner we had at lunchtime. We'll barely notice the light fading as there's so little, so it's time to snuggle in and doesn't this last pic just say 'cosy' to you? Actually it should do on various levels, as this is the first of the 'Super Natural' cosies I've been planning for a bit. Nature and nurture, it's all about the balance.

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