Friday, October 16, 2009

Bookworm Sweater completed

Doesn't it look gorgeous? Pulled a late one last night getting the knitting done, then did the making up this morning, aided and abetted by the model himself. I'm really pleased with how the Bookworm Sweater has turned out, but I've still not scratched the knitting itch in me- must be the weather or something. Having to be a bit disciplined though as the wedding is two weeks today (!!) and there is still the small matter of some felt cubes to be made for the youngest guests' goody bags. I've cut all the squares out, so I'm going to do one a day for the next week or so, then indulge the clickety-click.
Decided to work on the 'Supernaturals' tea cosies next, which meant turning the hank of Cornish Organic wool into a ball to knit from. As I don't own one of those fancy oojamaflips to do this job, I tend to get in a bit of a tangle. This time I ended up winding the ball in the dark, sitting up with the boy who was teething, poor love. Remarkably, no tangles! He's asleep now, my felt cube for the day is sewn and stuffed and I'm casting on...


  1. Oh, I'm loving that sweater! Definitely have to add this to my list of items to knit. So cute, and your little model is even cuter. :)