Wednesday, October 14, 2009


What's the significance of the blocks? Well, maybe I'm just a bit sentimental this week, but those blocks represent another little chubby-footed step on the journey of our little boy's life. Yes, he's managing to stack those wooden blocks by himself! I love to think of how these are his first ventures into creativity. The blur in the second picture is him giving himself a round of applause for his achievement. No self esteem problems yet, eh? He knows how to celebrate his own victories!
My own progress is also pictured, as the back of the Bookworm sweater is now finished and the front is up past the armhole decreases. Part of me can't wait to finish it and see it snuggled on our little genius, but another part will be sad when all that lovely yarn is used and the pattern complete. However, it's not like I haven't got things to move onto...


  1. Hi, I jumped over here from Soule Mama. I'm a knitting newbie and haven't tried cables yet, but I do like the color of your sweater. I was hunting around yesterday for a hat pattern and found one on the Purl Bee that I may try.

  2. Yay! I'm so excited to see someone I've not met before reading my blog. Welcome Rachael...I'm sure you'll love knitting- hats are a great place to start.