Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shame and redemption

I'm amused by the fact that the title for this post sounds a bit like a lost Jane Austen novel. You could also go the Virginia Woolf route and go on about having a Room of {my} Own. Anyway, the 'shame' is obvious when you see how, having reclaimed a dedicated spot in our house for my craft stuff, I had everything heaped in a horrendous pile. This being an area of the house that's important (to me, anyway) but not essential for the day to day running of things, it got left and left as we sorted out everywhere else. So last night I decided enough was enough, time for redemption. While the boy and his Daddy made up their modern jazz tunes on the piano downstairs (I love that a lot of the time I can't tell who is playing which bit!) I had what was described as a 'whirling dervish' moment and got everything sorted out.
I have decided on several truths as a result of this purging experience:
1. I will never be a 'neat freak' no matter how much I wish I was. But I can be quite organised when I have the time and inclination.
2. Apart from what's needed for specific projects I do not need to buy any more knitting yarn.
3. I definitely don't need to acquire any more scrap fabric, no matter how lovely it is.
4. I shouldn't complain that I lack projects to complete. For at least 5 years.
Cherry on the cake was that when I checked my blog this morning I found that my followers have doubled- I now have four! Even better, 2 of them aren't even related to me!!!

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