Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wet weekend

Well, we've probably been fairly lucky with the amount of good weather we've had this autumn, but now the rain is here, it's really here! We went up to Grizedale Forest today and managed a long time in the (very nice) coffee shop and a short time outside in the pouring rain.
It's always been something of a habit for us to end up having a pub lunch of a Sunday, although before P came along we usually didn't end up eating until mid-afternoon. Today though we continued the habit, but at the right time of day. The Eagle's Head had all that you want from a country pub on a wet day- open fires, locally brewed beer (for him), lovely food and surely the hardest working landlord in Cumbria- he was serving at the bar, taking and serving food orders and setting up for a band that night simultaneously. With a smile on his face!
We retreated back home and soon I was faced with what I think will be a familiar sight as time goes on- my husband and my son completely engrossed in fiddling about with a bike wheel. I'm not entirely convinced that P was exactly helping this time, but as I've mentioned before he definitely seems to have inherited the grease-monkey gene so I don't think it'll be long.

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  1. Just realised I've made it sound like the locally brewed beer was for P- it was for his Dad of course, before you start contacting social services!