Friday, February 12, 2010

Late night knitting

I'm not really one of life's completer-finishers in general- I tend to like to think stuff up, light the fuse then run away. The exception is when I'm making things, when I tend to be so desperate to see the end result the danger is I rush and bodge it. I think part of the appeal of crafting is therefore the exercise in slowing down and doing things properly. Even so, I can't shake the urge to finish things, sometimes to the extreme. This was true of P's top down sweater. For some reason I really, really wanted him to have it to wear today. So yesterday I spent a lot of the day finishing it. Wove the ends in, added the buttons, picked him up from the last day of nursery, popped it on him was about 2 inches too short in the body and arms. Luckily, it being top down, I was able to unpick the ribbing, reattach the needles and add those extra inches. I was so determined that those inches were going to be added, ends woven in etc. that I worked all evening, into the night and fell into bed at half past one! However, this morning he tried on version two (the eagle-eyed among you will spot that the first pic above is version one). It was hard to get a picture as action boy was not for sitting or standing still for a photo, but it now fits perfectly and I'm really pleased with the result. This afternoon both P and I lay down for a nap. P woke up a couple of hours later and was looked after by his Daddy while I slept on for just a wee bit (try two hours) later!

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  1. Oh, Anna, this is STUNNING! What a treasure. And I never would have dreamed one could just, whoop!, go back and add more. Someday....