Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Working weekend

Okay, so 'working' weekend is a bit of an exaggeration, as there was an awful lot of home-baked goodies (mmm, brownies), chatting over cups of tea and scrummy meals while catching up with friends and free grandparent-provided childcare. However, I did manage to complete the first of the Flip-top mittens without any more swearing. It is by no means perfect (but blame the knitter not the pattern) but it does the job, and I love the zing of the turquoise buttons I bought.
Between Mum and I the quilt now has binding and I've begun the long, but relaxingly dull job of hand quilting. As the patterns are quite busy I'm just doing a sort of grid, following a detail in the way the blocks are arranged. You can begin to see how the finished result will be, and its intended recipient has already shown his approval, rolling around all over it!


  1. That mitten is outrageously lovely! (And that loop?! For hanging?) Good luck on the second. I alternately hear that second mittens and socks are a) easier because you know what you're doing, or b) harder because you know what you're doing :)

  2. Loop is for hooking over the button when flip top is flipped back! But also quite cute, no? I'm not good on second mittens/socks because I get bored doing the same thing again. And yes, I should know what I'm doing this time, but infuriatingly, I'm still knitting and unravelling in almost equal quantities!