Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Longer days

Oh how lovely to have sunshine again! Okay, only one precious day, but it was actually sun that warmed, sun in a stunning blue sky, sun that lifted the spirits and pulled us outside and back to what's become a favourite haunt in all weathers- walking to Coniston's Torver Jetty. On such a clear day, the views across the water and up the fells were amazing.
Please note how a certain young man ended up without a coat or hat- he just refuses extra layers whenever he can! However, he did run back and forth so much on the path- setting a challenge for his poor little pal who has only just found her walking legs- that he didn't seem to get too chilly. All this at five in the afternoon and we still made it back to the car and home in daylight. That promise is getting more real...

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