Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No idle hands...

It might seem like I've not been up to much recently but truth is, I just haven't been taking photos! In rain and shine (oh very welcome sunshine!) we've been out on some local walks, trying out a newly acquired, second-hand double buggy in preparation for baby number two. Baby number two, by the way, is very wriggly and was fine when scanned the other day- it's all getting a bit real! As far as craft is concerned I'm working away on the quilt, patiently hand stitching. My current rate is about halfway across in an evening, so long as I'm not feeling too tired. It's going to take a while yet- there are two and a half short side lines to stitch and four long sides- but it will be so exciting when I get to rip out all the tacking and snip off all the ends.

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