Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hatched #2

More happy news, as my pal Kate (friend since I was three! That's a lot more years than I care to mention!) has had her second little girl. All is safe and well and I got to send off another project I'd been working on. For the new arrival I was a bit uninspired about making something, so I got this instead, because I've always thought they were kind of cool. However, I also thought the newly minted 'big sister' needed a treat, so I got a t-shirt, also from Green Baby, then cut out some letters from scrap fabric and ironed them onto interfacing:

I pinned them in place (ooh, fiddly! Many pricked fingers!):

I over-stitched the letters by hand, et voila!, personalised 'Ra-Ra! Big Sister!' t-shirt.

Excuse the mood lighting in the photos- cutting, ironing, pinning and stitching just don't mix with a nearly-two year old, so it was all done in a couple of evenings.

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