Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great Eccleston Agricultural Show

I've had an ambition to go to an agricultural show for years and this year is the first time I've made it to one. Despite weather which ranged from heavy showers to to hot sun to gusty wind, we had a lovely time, seeing animals great...

and small... (we think there should be a new class for showing 'Simultaneous Buggy and Dog Handling')

Checking out the big boys' toys...

And inspecting the wide, wonderful and yes, sometimes downright weird range of items competing for prizes. These included many, many cakes...

Some lovely quilts- the circles one is my favourite and already has me thinking about a 'big girl's bed' quilt for M (yes, she's only four weeks old, but it might take me a while!).

Beeswax and honeycombs- have to show this to my sister, who has been taken on as an apprentice beekeeper at the media company she works at (it's in London, they have a hive on the roof! And no, beekeeper is not her actual job)

And Fairisle pullover! All those months of fiddly colourwork, anguished frogging after I misread the pattern, re-knitting and then not being able to wear it because of the baby bump and finally it ends up winning first prize in 'Garment Knitted in a Fashion Yarn'!


  1. Wow! Great pics and well done for winning! Looks like a fab family day out.

  2. Congratulations on winning first place with your knitting! The show looks great, I love visiting agricultural shows and checking out all the bizarre things in the competitions. My local show takes entries for displays of Lego (you can usually pick what to make), scenes in a biscuit tin lid (to a different theme each year) and creatures made from fruit and vegetables! :D

  3. Scenes in a biscuit tin lid! I love it- sounds like an album title for an Indie band!

  4. Excellent, well done for winning! I would love to go to one of these shows, maybe a plan for next year?!