Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Still summer

After a week of rain or threats of rain (we've discovered that our little corner of Cumbria seems to do a good line in threatening clouds that don't actually dump their loads on us, saving it for the fells- good for staying home and washing, bad for escaping on a walk), the summer seems to be giving us one last glorious blast. We met up with an old friend and his new wife at the weekend in lovely sunshine coupled with a soft breeze. While C and Mr A went for a bike ride, Mrs A and I took the children on a walk by Elterwater. Note the restraining hand on P's hood- he feels a little bit too invincible in his waterproof suit and wellies and sets off into lakes as if he can wade across! The rain that had lashed down the previous day meant that Skelwith Force, the turning point of our route, was in full spate and pretty spectacular as it sent spray up onto the path we were on, metres above it.
Meanwhile, having finished my teacosies, I'm now started on another knit using reclaimed wool. I posted a picture of the much loved but never worn 'Iceland' sweater a while back. At the weekend I finally got around to frogging it and have now cast on 'Rosamund's Cardigan', its new incarnation. Managed to mess up the cables on the first attempt, probably because I was trying to squeeze all the stitches onto straight needles. A quick ferret through a yet-to-be unpacked box unearthed one of my few circular needles which actually happened to be the correct size (I'm thinking about getting an interchangable circular needle set for Christmas) and things have gone better since then. Please note my gorgeous new workbasket- a long promised 'new home' present from C- more on this at a later date.


  1. I noted the hand which made me smile, then I read your text!

    I can recommend the littlelife back packs for the grab handle on the back - makes catching our little one on her bike, so much easier!

  2. Good idea! We'll have to search his one out again.