Wednesday, December 22, 2010

22nd of Advent

It's not even a year since I completed this sweater from some yarn left over from a different project. It got a good lot of wear until the warmer weather, not to mention a bit of abuse when P, teenager style, pushed his thumb through one of the sleeves just below the cuff. Going through yet another as-yet-unpacked box the other day, searching in vain for lost Christmas stockings, I found it, along with the remains of the leftover yarn. I wasn't quite ready to give up seeing him wearing it, since it had turned out to be one of those charmed unplanned projects that turn out really well, so I decided it was time for a bit of 'make do and mend'- something quite refreshing in this season of spending and excess.
When I originally made this sweater, the difficulties of measuring a wriggly toddler meant I made the body and arms too short. I discovered this fact after I'd finished it and tried it on him, but then also discovered that the advantage of 'top down' sweaters is that you can undo the bottom edges, pick up the stitches and add some more. This came to mind when I found that P has grown a good few inches in arms and body over the summer, so I needed the sweater to 'grow' with him this season.

Here you can see the hole where P had stuck his thumb through the sleeve.

I inserted a circular needle into an unbroken row of stitches below the hole, then frogged the sleeve down to that point.

Then it was just a case of joining in the new yarn and adding a few more stripes and a new ribbed border.

Hole mended and inches added, it should last another season at least. Wonder how many years I can get away with it?!?

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