Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8th of Advent

How many hundreds of babies over the years must have received a homemade soft toy for their first Christmas present? P has grown to love the bear I made for him before he was born, to the extent that 'Edmund' has had to have rather a lot of running repairs and doesn't look nearly as neat as he does here anymore, darned as he is in yarn that only sort-of matches his original colour. When I've finished this golden yellow version for M, I'm going to save the extra yarn for repairs, in the hope that she loves her one in the same way (although perhaps without the ear-chewing). Maybe if one day she's a mother she'll understand the love that is knitted into every row, sewn into every stitch of a toy made by a parent for their little one. Even if she never understands, it's there all the same.


  1. My daughter has a hat I recently made for her. She wears it everywhere and tells me that I made it because I love her. I hope she continues to understand what love goes into a homemade gift.