Monday, September 28, 2009

Fells and Tarns and Becks Oh My!

Springtime is meant to be the time of new beginnings, but for us it's been late Summer and Autumn. A new place to live, a new job (for C) and a new role (as stay-at-home mummy) for me, and new online adventures (of which this is one).
As far as our new home goes, with the tide of boxes finally receding, I have been a-baking and a-making in order to make it home rather than a house. Amanda Blake-Soule's latest offering 'Handmade Home' has been invaluable inspiration- more on that at a later date, as well as my trusty collection of favourite cook books, rediscovered from yet more boxes! Penelope, our hen, has even begun to lay eggs again, so she must approve of our new home.
When not homemaking, P and I have been welcoming the (sometimes kind) weather of these late summer days by getting out and walking whenever we can, whether en famille or with friends old and new. Our current bible is 'Easy Miles' which has lots of buggy/newly toddling friendly walks in this heavenly county we can now call home. I think we have explored 6 so far- not bad for being here just over a month! We even did one walk two days running, the second time with plastic tubs at the ready after we spotted major blackberry treasure to be had (picture above)- fresh air, exercise and free fruit for jam, the good life indeed.
One of the best things about our new home is that I have a crafting corner to call my own again, after I sacrificed my work space to make room for a cot in our old house. It used to be just a question of housing a whole load of balls (of yarn, that is) but now that I've caught the sewing bug, my corner resembles a pile of fabric and haberdashery with a sewing maching perched on top. Just to add to the clutter, I've got the completed items for my Folksy shop and three more gorgeous teapots found by my sister, and waiting for cosies...

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  1. Hi Anna,
    now I am following you!
    Sounds like you have been extremely busy with your new home, I've wanted chickens for ages xx