Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hooray! Finally managed to achieve pictures on the blog. Okay, so an interesting first choice maybe, but this Soule Mama Soup is yummy and will hopefully fuel another walk tomorrow, this time at Blea Tarn. P and I are entertaining our new pals from up the road for lunch before we set out for a buggy run. He decided to help with the cooking...
Fingers crossed the weather will be reasonably kind and the footpaths less overgrown than the one we took to Furness Abbey the other day- machetes would have been useful!
As for the last picture- well it's a bit of a teaser, as it could be part of the 'To-Do list' post I'm working on, or even the 'Wedding Preparations' one I have in mind. Suffice to say it's harvest-y and autumnal and much as I'm a knit-nut at heart I am enjoying the calming rhythm of hand stitching. I've learned that doing a decent job with sewing means s-l-o-w-i-n-g down and working methodically, which is definitely good for me and my usual whirlwind ways.

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