Thursday, October 1, 2009

If this is Autumn, then bring it on!

The sun was literally winking at us from across the rooftops this morning, reflected off windows across town. It made us even more sure that today was the day for a Lakes walk.
Writing (or rather freeform drawing) on Pop's birthday card inspired a post-breakfast painting session. Maybe P should have his own Folksy shop.
We made our very winding way up past Coniston and Little Langdale to Blea Tarn and were greeted by so many gob-smacking views that you're lucky there aren't more pics here. The path looks really smooth in these images, but actually we fully tested the off-road potential of the buggies (and the mummies, we will have biceps like Fatima Whitbread at this rate) and got a flat tyre to show for it!
Brocolli soup al fresco was even better than at home last night (and no, I hadn't licked the mug clean, I used bread to mop up the last tasty dregs), especially as we insist on bringing proper mugs for soup and separate ones for redbush tea. Outdoors does not have to mean uncivilised ,although P's open air nappy change perhaps challenged that somewhat. Still, talk about a nappy change with a view, through the Scots Pines to the tarn and sunny fells beyond.
Welcome to October!

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