Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's not always great having a birthday in the middle of winter. One year snow meant that nothing arrived by post until a week after the big day. No problems like that this year, a positive flurry of lovely cards and gifts arrived despite the weather. Among them was my lovely new Cath Kidston oilcloth satchel. It will no doubt become a mama bag, filled with spare clothes, emergency crackers, drink bottles etc. along with my usual detritus of knitting, receipts and interesting leaflets and flyers. Still, it is sooo pretty and should last for years and years.
C having taken the day off to spend with us, we went to Lancaster, where, following lunch at the Whale Tail I began the fabric stash I hope to turn into a quilt for P's move to a proper bed. This needs to happen later in the year and I'm toying with a futon-style bed on the floor as he is so wriggly in bed I think that otherwise he'll always be falling out and waking up. We also need to sort some safety issues out before he's able to roam free in his room, but when that's done I want to make the transition a positive one so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try making my first quilt. I think it's just going to be straightforward squares so that I can focus on being careful and precise (uh-oh!) in shades of green, just to make a change from the cot quilt in seaside colours he had made for him by my mum. I've just spent a happy hour on Fabric Rehab creating a shopping basket of fabric that would mean I could get going. Just got to get the nerve to hit the 'buy' button!

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