Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unexpectedly good

I can't claim to be the originator of this idea for a sandwich. I was taught to make it by my sister, but I've a feeling even she got the idea from somewhere she used to go to eat. It's definitely a candidate for the Holy Eye Cookbook, however, as in a way it says something about my big sister. She has an ability to take the ordinary, do something a little unexpected but make it work very well- like hanging pictures higher up the wall than you would think or finding second hand objects and reusing them in a way that is somehow magical. This sandwich is similar- when you look at the ingredients you think 'eh?', not least as the combination ranges from Greek to Chinese influences, yet somehow it just works.
Anyhow, you take some fresh crusty bread and split it so you've got a nice big surface area. Spread this quite generously with hummus and sprinkle on finely chopped red onion and roughly chopped fresh coriander. Finish with a smattering of Chinese sweet chilli dipping sauce. On a wintery day like this the fresh, zinging flavours evoked sunshine and cut through the stodginess of all the comfort food we've reached for recently. However, this works just as beautifully in summer- filling yet light. Try it- you might just like it!

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